Patio and Drive Cleans

Patios and drives become dirty over time, with moss and algae taking hold and grime from roads and gardens trodden over them throughout the year.

A regular clean is essential to prevent the build up of such contaminants, and will keep your garden and patio areas looking at their best.

Restoring patios & drives to their former glory

Rainbow’s expertise can quickly restore all of your concrete, paving and patio areas to their former glory through a wide range of cleaning and restoration techniques.

Power Jet washing is often the perfect solution to your dirty drive or patio problem. Grit, grime, algae and moss is washed away with power Jet washing. Other solutions are available for cleaning drives and patios depending on the nature of the contamination, the substrate to be cleaned and  Health & Safety along with environmental considerations.

  • Jet Washing
  • Media Blasting
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Rotary Scrubbing

Before and after drive way cleaning...


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